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Weapon License Location change

We’ve moved the weapon license purchase location to the center of the MRPD lobby. Just walk up to the NPC and buy your license directly. For those who don’t know, if you’ve been convicted of a felony, you will be put on hold from getting a new license for seven real-world days.

Community Event Announcement:

A Free For All contest will be held at the aircraft carrier July 6th at 6:00 PST. Bring your favorite class 2 or we’ll provide you with one at the event! Free ammo provided.

We’ll be running a couple of rounds so get ready and start practicing.

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New Garage System

We are excited to announce that after many weeks of work, our new garage system is now live in the server! This re-write fixes long standing bugs and issues; improves existing functionality; and gives us more capability for future changes.

Main Changes

Public Garage System: All public garages are now linked together. This means you can put away and pull out vehicles from any public garage location.

Warrant Improvements: Police of high rank (Captain +) can search a garage for a license plate and pull it out if it exists. This will now pull out the actual vehicle rather than a police van. Police will need to physically be at the garage location to find the vehicle if it’s stored at a home, or outside the “public garage” system.

Vehicle Searching: Similar to the vehicle shop, players can now search their garages by vehicle model and license plate number.

New Garage Markers: Re-did the look for a more subtle indication of where to access garages, removing the old style of markers and matching the circle style interactions of our new dynamic interactions system.

Fee for Impound: Vehicles left out will now be charged an impound fee to take out based on the price of the vehicle. If your vehicle is impounded or left out during reset, it will impounded for 1% of its total value, capping out at 10,000. So store your vehicles!

Bug Fixes: Duped vehicles, vehicles spawning with the wrong license plate, and other issues related to undamaged vehicles spawning in broken have been fixed.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, enjoy your prizes and let’s see you all again at the next event!

Community Resource Update:

We’ve pushed an update for rpemotes-reborn! Check out the pedpreview mechanic, which allows you to preview your ped.

Thank you to Enzo2911 for his hard work on this. It’s available to everyone in FiveM!

The first stash hidden in the city has been found.

A second cache is now available for players to find. Find me driving around the city to get the password for the next one.

Your first clue is:

  1. Rise and Shine

Join our Discord for more clues.

A couple quality of life updates have been implemented:

  • Garages functionality improving
  • Housing updated
  • Used Car Sales now working with our new garage system
  • Improved notifications and marker style for used car sales
  • Fishing has been expanded across the whole city
  • More televisions added to club 77
  • New character select styling

Small realism update:

We’ve added a camera shake if you crash into something while driving, giving players more feedback when driving.

Come check out our extensive work in creating a realistic environment for RP!