Poor staff, loose rules

Server seemed great at first glance with lots to do, as time went on i started to realize there is a major lack of real rp in this server. Changing clothes in valentine and youll listen to atleast 3 shootouts before your outfits completed. One member of my group was called a pretty ignorant racial slur that was spoken so freely and comfortably that it seemed like common use in the server which was strange for a server whos #3 rule states “Hate speech of ANY form will NOT be tolerated.” when a ticket was made staff said it was taken care of just for us to run into the same character a day later. Come to find out there zero tolerance for hate speach is to just tell the offender to stay away from the part of the map that the other party involved populates, to me that sounds like it is pretty tolerated. Furhter down the line it was also shown to us that the staff has no interest in enforcing RDM rules as another friend i made IC was shot down with no actual initiation just ringing shots with clips to prove it. If you’re looking for a server for ACTUAL rp this is not it. If youre looking for a server that has an easy economy and very loose rules that pretty much allow anyone and everyone to just money grind and shit lord than this is the server for you. These experiences we have had are 100% expected in any server from time to time but the staffs ability to handle and manage these issues was just awful. Best of luck to the server and people involved.


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