Polygon Roleplay | Text-based | Lore-friendly | Recruiting All Roles!

What is Polygon Roleplay?
Polygon Roleplay is a new FiveM roleplay server that specializes in realistic, lore-friendly, text-based roleplay. That’s a bit of a mouthful, I know. Basically, come to us for high-quality, well-moderated roleplay. We’ve also got lore-based vehicles from 11john11.

Did you ever play SAMP? On our server, you won’t need a mic, and you won’t be hearing some 12 year old’s voice as you talk to a hardened gangster on Grove St. This has a few advantages, from higher-quality roleplay to your family not thinking you’re weird. They can hear you, you know. Polygon RP is the ONLY text-based server on FiveM.

Good RP?
Our admins don’t just ban squeakers, we ban them and help our valued members to develop great roleplay skills! Our staff are friendly, though, and we don’t take things tooooo seriously. It’s all about fun.

How can I join?
Now, we’ve just started the server, so we really need players. We’re currently recruiting for civilians AND law enforcement. To join, check out our discord: https://discord.gg/Ad9V8bK

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Excellent server, and it has definitely helped me develop my roleplay skills. I would recommend it to anybody. Helpful staff, and amazing resources.


hi mate could you post a new disc link if this still exists