[POLL] When joining a server, What do you look for?

When looking for, or joining a new community, what are 3 things that you look for?
You can only choose 3 items
Poll closes April 7th, at 12:00, 1 week from posting

  • Player-base Count (more players)
  • Player base Quality (good players)
  • Decent Staff
  • Roleplay Framework (ESX/vRP)
  • Decent Resources/Map Mods
  • Decent Discord/TS3 (channel setup, roles/groups)
  • Original Documents (rules, SOPs, etc.)
  • Method of Advertisement (Forums or Direct Invite, etc.)
  • Server Activity (how often they are on)

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Thanks to everyone who voted! Top 3 Results:

Server Activity
Player Count
Decent Staff