By chance would anyone have a PoliceMod that will work with FiveReborn.


Any ASI mod will work, as long as you put it in a “plugins” folder in your FiveReborn directory. There are a couple of PoliceMods out there that I know of, so if you can find one you can use it as long as it is an ASI file.

@Auxi as he said, however Amy rage plugins won’t work.

These guys seem to have a police mod working but are not disclosing which it is.

@alfieengland said in Policemod:
Nice but this is awesome .

@hbk. said in Policemod:

@alfieengland said in Policemod:
Nice but this is awesome .

That. Is fake.

@Boss How is it faked? I’m not disputing that it is faked because it does seem like it, however I’m not sure how they would achieve this.

Seems especially fake seeing as in the description he calls everyone dumb in his description for knowing that RageHook currently doesn’t work as well as listing the download as "Coming Soon"™

RAGE™ is not supported. It’s just PoliceMod, but that was taken down by it’s authors from GTA5-Mods.com

@Boss It’s not fake, sorry. And is not PoliceMod either.
I mean if you can generate a call like that with policemod, ok , show me. We showed what we can do.

@hbk. Its not possible, and wont be supported either. Please dont spread lies.

I DID NOT SPREAD LIES. I did not said what is that, i did not said LSPDFR and i will not give any INFO related to the scripts that were used there or how to use them. I am sorry but that’s private community stuff.
But that’s not FAKE.

PoliceMod dose work with Reborn however, it’s hard to get a copy of it because its been taken down and project got closed.

@hbk. “It’s not fake but I will not give any info or proof as to why/how it isn’t”

@alfieengland said in Policemod:

@hbk. “It’s not fake but I will not give any info or proof as to why/how it isn’t”

Ok guys. It’s a scripthook net. Now do what we did for 4 days, start the game for x times and make it work with it.

have fun :slight_smile:

@hbk. Then why the fuck do you even start about it? That’s just being a Doughbag

I started what? I saw a video? I posted that ok , that’s nice but this is awesome and everyone started to tell fake and everything while i know that’s not. You could just watch the video, comment there and not start with all this hate. Just because we did it and you can’t. Because that’s the rage fountain. If you can’t do it it’s fake. And if i am not giving it to you that means i am a douche.
Sorry kanersps, but that with douche, not on my screen.

Getting out of hand for no reason at all.