Policejob change

I have the normal police job, the one with the esx legacy default, how can I change that instead of each police officer purchasing their vehicle, it should be global, how can I do it?

So you want to have the esx_policejob to have society owned vehicles?
you can have EnablePlayerManagement = true.
but i don’t think you can set
EnableSocietyOwnedVehicles = true
on the esx_policejob on legacy.

If you want for now just set the vehicle price @ price = 1000 or just @ 1

esx_policejob/config.lua - Line 144 to 148 as Shared

model = ‘police’, label = ‘Police Cruiser’, price = 1000
model = ‘police’, label = ‘Police Cruiser’, price = 1

or add it into line 150 to 152 as recruit vehicle
I think as Shared Vehicles every rank should have access (Authorized) to them vehicles
at that set price. but should change if you have set other pricing per rank in the config.lua