Police Vehicles

I currently am trying to use captain14s LSPD, Sheriff, and FBI pack on my server but cannot get the lights to work I have tried going through and changing stuff in the vehicles.meta and the carcols.meta but cannot get anything to work any advice?

need carvariation.meta

@GanjaMonster Ok but for the carvariation I am missing the dlc_mpChristmas2 folder will it work if I just create the folders?

yea create it there or mpapartment and then create the folder structure for common folder all that
like this


@GanjaMonster Ok thank you I got it fixed and then another issue that just happened is that FBI2 is now like a civ car…

carvariation for that might be set wrong maybe , did you use proper metas for all police vehicles ?

@GanjaMonster This is what vehicles.meta is set as https://gyazo.com/50dc60164a02a8cc58945642fdc84415

And carvariation looks like this https://gyazo.com/b1a6693cbcb8c9d251c75f184bab53dc and https://gyazo.com/d8b307907629a4cc98ca3beadae3c474

and ur carcols has siren setting 29 ?

@GanjaMonster https://gyazo.com/a147f3f375110f0dcbfd781fe5760d1d That is what it looks like and it goes to siren 20

change it to 31 captain made that many sirens does he got wig wags on his carcols ?

@GanjaMonster I think he does. Also do you know how to fix this error my friend has been getting it when he tries to join a server https://gyazo.com/f96f0da63b944ba309f4d4297c81adce

@GanjaMonster FBI2’s id is already set to 31

it the carvar i see lightsetting 29 change change that to 31 but its only made for his cars i forgot so i would need all those

@GanjaMonster Ok thank you. Do you know whats causing the error code though?

not sure but could be caused by something else like his cache or something could be throwing an error or something looks like it, just him or multiple people have that issue ?

@GanjaMonster Just him so far

tell him to delete the cashes.xml and retry

@GanjaMonster Ok thank you for the help

anytime :100: