Police Shields - [2021 Update] - CTSFO, Long, Short, Firearms - Configurable - London Studios [8 Shields]

I already pay this script, but i can’t use .
And i type /shield Long, but doesn’t work.
Have any discord can be contact?


If you prefer to do it there (In the Discord), alternatively I can help you here- which one?

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Hello, could it be made that every certain amount of firing the shield breaks or the collision of the shield is deactivated?

Is there a way to configure the command to only work with a certain job?


You can edit the server file to do this. Hope that helps!

London Studios

I don’t see a server file. Where should I look?


It’s right there, sv_policeshields.lua

Let us know if you need any further assistance on this matter.

London Studios

@LondonStudios I’m pretty new to all this, what do I have to add to make it police only??


Please send us a direct message on the forum where we can provide further assistance.

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CTSFO Shield is not editable and I have been waiting since January for the updated files. Do not buy if you want to customize the shields. I will update this when I get the updated files, hopefully this year.


We’ve been working with our 3D modelling team to get them to add texture dictionaries to the shields.

However, we must add that many of the people who bought this have been able to customise them, so it seems to be a problem that only a few people are experiencing, and it is likely your lack of experience with doing so.

As you’ve been informed after you reached out to us, as soon as the texture dictionaries are added (rather than embedded textures) they would be sent to you.

London Studios

My lack of experience has nothing to do with locked models and embedded textures in said locked models. May I remind you that all of the solutions you proposed, failed when tried. I can customize all of the others shields but the model I’m looking for is locked. I can’t speak for the others, but this particular one is not customisable at the moment. I have been patiently waiting since January and I have been satisfied with other LS products in the meantime. I’m only trying to avoid you another situation like mine.

2021 Update

We’ve now updated this resource with four brand new police shield models, meaning the resource now comes with a total of eight.

These were created custom for this script and will ultimately enhance realism on scene. Take a look at some photos of three of them below:

Take a look at this resource in action!

Does anyone know the Prefix for the Ace permisions EG:
add_ace group.police [prefix] allow

Please Help!


The permission is

add_ace group.police command.shield

This gives the police group permission to use the shield command.

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New Auth System

Tebex Escrow System - New update

Hey all!

We just wanted to update all existing and new customers to the fact that we are now using the Tebex Escrow System for our resources. This means all resources are now linked to your FiveM Keymaster and increases security for our customers. If you are an existing customer, you’ll need to head to Keymaster here.

After downloading the resources, make sure to configure them and then they’ll be ready to go. For more information on the new Escrow system, see the post here.

Please note that you must be on server artifacts version 4752 for this to work. If you need any help, send us a message.