Police Shields - [2021 Update] - CTSFO, Long, Short, Firearms - Configurable - London Studios [8 Shields]

Police Shields - London Studios - (Paid) (Updated 2021)

This premium resource is a great addition to any roleplay server, adding eight realistic police shields for use in different situations from firearms to public order. These will ultimately enhance the abilities of your police department/force, allowing them to both create better roleplay but also handle incidents better.

The resource is highly configurable, allowing you to change the names of the shields, the position of the shield on the player and the animation the player uses to hold the shield. You can also convert the script into another language simply through the config file.

This model includes eight custom modelled police shields created by one of our 3D Modellers. These were exclusively created to be sold with this resource.

2021 Update

We’ve updated this script with four brand new, additional police shields, bringing the total to eight. Take a look at some of them below:

Paid Resource

This is a paid resource, we are conducting the sale of it through Tebex. This is approved by FiveM and we have been in contact with them to confirm this sale is approved.

Find out more and purchase it here.


/shield [Name] - This allows you to start using a police shield. In chat, the command suggestion will show you the different shield names available. For example, /shield CTSFO. (You can change the names in the config).

This will set you in the animation and spawn in the shield. This is the best animation we can find, still allowing you to move and shoot using your right arm.

The script works getting in and out of vehicles, meaning you won’t have to pause the roleplay to disable your shield before getting in. You can disable collision meaning that the shields will no longer protect against bullets.

To disable your shield, either switch to another shield or type /shield without choosing a shield type.

Full Features

Easily use a police shield - Simply running a command will allow you to start using a police shield and you can pick between the four available choices, all for a range of scenarios.
Works with vehicles - We’ve seen other shield resources glitch out when the player enters a vehicle. We’ve made sure this shouldn’t happen with our resource.
Blocks bullets - Our shields can block bullets as they have collision enabled. You can disable this in the configuration file.
Custom Models - Our 3D Modelling team made these exclusively for sale with this resource.
Permission Checks - You can easily add permission checks or integrate this into a framework such as vRP or ESX.


You can easily open the config_policeshields.lua and configure the script to your liking.

The first section is called main, allowing you to set the following:

main = {
    commandName = "shield",
    commandChatSuggestion = "Use a police shield",
    parameterType = "Shield Type", -- Use this to change to a different language
    acePermissionsEnabled = false, --If true, this enables ace permissions

Secondly, the translations section allows you to convert the resource to another language.

Lastly, you can edit the position, animation and name of each shield, such in the last section.


  1. Purchase the resource through our Tebex store here.
  2. Create a new resource folder in your server directory.
  3. Check your email for the downloaded resource, please check your spam folder.
  4. Place the contents of the downloaded .zip inside the resource folder.
  5. Configure the resource to your liking


London Studios are committed to ensuring high standard support is offered to all customers who have purchased this resource. Our support team will do our best to assist you, however in some circumstances we will be unable to assist, such as integrating it with a framework our support team may not be familiar.


We appreciate feedback, bugs and suggestions related to Police Shields and future plugins. We hope you enjoy using the resource and look forward to hearing from people and seeing videos/screenshots of the plugin in action!


Take a look at some screenshots of the plugin in action!


Is it possible to edit the writing on the shields? I would like to change it to reflect the name of our server’s tactical unit (I’d like them to say CRT instead of POLICE)

Edit the textures

It only comes with locked YDR files so I can’t export them in OpenIV to edit them.

Use texture tool kit to change the embeded textures

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Put the ydr into codewalker rpf explorer, export out as xml then reimport the xml file. Afterwards take the new ydr put it into openiv then export like normal, works on any “locked” file.

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We’ve got no issues with you changing the textures, we actively encourage people to modify them and make it more realistic to their police force/department.

London Studios

Yea, Toolkit and codewalker both worked for 2 of them, but the other 2 neither method worked


Why did it not work for the other two?

London Studios

Not sure. Shield 3 and 4 seem to work fine and I using the codewalker method and I was able to edit and re-import them. Shields 1 and 2 though do not export the DDS. They create XML files and create the folders the DDS texture file would export into, but do not actually put the DDS in there. I tried exporting the embedded texture from OpenIV for Shield 1, edit it, convert it back to DDS, and put it in the empty folder CodeWalker created along with the XML and then import it but that throws an error saying “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.

We now have a demonstration video showing you all four shields and other features including the bulletproof element, ability to shoot and use weapons still whilst operating a shield.

View the video here.

Resource Sale

We’re now running a sale on our Police Shields resource for the next 24 hours. Purchase this now and bring a whole new level of realism to your police department, featuring four different shield types.

Purchase it below:


I already pay this script, but i can’t use .
And i type /shield Long, but doesn’t work.
Have any discord can be contact?


If you prefer to do it there (In the Discord), alternatively I can help you here- which one?

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Hello, could it be made that every certain amount of firing the shield breaks or the collision of the shield is deactivated?

Is there a way to configure the command to only work with a certain job?


You can edit the server file to do this. Hope that helps!

London Studios

I don’t see a server file. Where should I look?


It’s right there, sv_policeshields.lua

Let us know if you need any further assistance on this matter.

London Studios