Police Service Northern Ireland- Looking for a PSNI server

Any police service northern Ireland servers to play?

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Don’t think any one has a community or server based around Ireland - mostly England and America other than the few Danish and German servers I’ve seen unfortunately.

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I’m in a very very good NI server has ARV , DPU (basically lpu but more for the whole gta city , RPU and much more the life server is launching tomorrow and there’s also a fivepd server .


NIRP | Northern Ireland Roleplay Ballysantos is here!

NIRP FiveM is currently developing a full Northern Ireland server, we have 1100 members and we launch on 18/09/2021 this Saturday,

We have a completely custom framework that was made from scratch, real PSNI fleets and uniforms & real NIAS fleet and uniforms.

Join us today at discord.nirp.uk or NIRP Ballysantos | FiveM