Pointless complaint with no support needed

Why does Fivem have to be so goddamn buggy and laggy? Cant this be fixed once and for all? Its been months and the developer/developers doesnt give a shit. Stop putting unnecessary updates and fix stuff instead, I dont have to join a server for the first time and find myself downloading content for 20 minutes, then when im in the loading screen and im just about to get into the game, my whole game crashes. I retry and im finally in! But then im driving a car and suddenly im falling under the ground and its a loop. Then my game crashes, what is this? Seriously, fix this.


What bugs and what lags? Please give us reproducible steps and a description of the bugs.

Perhaps if the collective gets more information

All recent updates were done to improve certain aspects. Software is a continuous cycle of finding, fixing and improving it.

It is accurate that you need to download resources to the cache on first join. Depending on the server, which the collective have no control over, this can take a short or long amount of time. Downloading content for 20 minutes can have a couple of causes, for example:

a) You have a slow connection to the server (due to you or the server bandwidth)
b) There are a lot of resources resulting you having to download 100s of MB. This is particularly common for servers that have a lot of custom models like vehicles.

And what kind of crash? Can we see your logs? You received a support template when creating this topic but you completely ignored it. You cannot expect anything to be fixed without giving any valuable information!

This, again, can have a couple of reasons. For example:
a) You have a slow computer
b) You have a lot of other open programs consuming a large amount of CPU causing the GTA world to not render quick enough
c) A broken map on the server
d) and many more…

Exactly, what is this? We don’t have a :crystal_ball: to look into and know exactly what happened. Again, more information!

If you are serious, I want you to now fill out the Technical Support template . Don’t just scream like a baby hoping for your issues to be fixed.


Everytime I crash, it’s something completely different, I have over 10 screenshots of crashes, and they all have different weird name, like Mockingbird or whatever. Why is it so difficult, why does it have to have so many crashes, if I have you a screenshot right now, I would still crash and it would be another error…


explain this, please


‘‘Pointless complaint with no support needed’’

Explain these above and I want you to tell me how to fix this, (more screenshots incoming if i keep getting crashed’’ Also note that I have a good computer, and good internet.

If you do not respond to these then hahaha you are pointless

HAHA IM POINTLESS? I guess not, I responded.

All you are giving is a screenshot of the error.

Literally NO other information.

Fill out the support template and people might take you serious.

nobody can, you completely ignored the ‘show details’ expansion box

usually this happens when you disconnect from a server with broken resources.

maybe you timed out? that’s usually on the server having a shit CPU/network connection.

and again nobody can since you again diligently forgot to click ‘show details’ as the dialog box asked for you to do

it’s hard to distinguish you from a troll if you’re asking to ‘explain’ without providing any information yourself

Comeon, explain the errors ;). I’m waiting, there is nothing other to say, I joined a server, I play for 5 seconds and this happens, well I guess you aren’t so smart afterall d0p

Is reading difficult for you? As you can see two ELEMENTS aka developers of the modification you’re enjoying attempting to bash asked you to provide proper documentation in order to help you…aka click the little See Details box which is important to determining the reason for your crash.

Okay I will do it the next time it happens

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