Point of Sale (POS) [ESX, QBCORE & ANY] (Price Updated)


While DrawText:

Without DrawText (Menu Open):

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i am using oxmsql and ox_inventory and there are no items in my items table in the database so it isnt loading anything. I am also getitng this error

[script:point-of-sale] SCRIPT ERROR: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:867: No such export fetch in resource oxmysql

Is the items listed on the shared config file?, i can give you privite support for it. Contact me.

New update!

Fixed some known bugs! Tomorrow it will get an update for ox-inventory! Have a great day!
Re-download from keymaster.

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Not to be a dick, but you gotta read the rules.


any form of obfuscation or IP lock or remote loading is not allowed.

But this product does look nice.

I don’t see any rule violations. Thanks for your comment.

Cuz, its using escrow.

Then all files are free to edit then? Because the escrow system won’t obfuscate files. Atleast wouldn’t think it would.

:rofl: read the escrow system again then. Do not misunderstand, im not being t*xic.

has this been updated for ox_inventory yet?

Tebex’s Escrow System has Protection for Devs now. This is TOTALLY allowed

fiveM target support yet?

yeah, I tried to reply to the thing but I had to wait for mod approval probably because I got flagged or something, and guess they decided not to allow my response where I said I don’t sell anything I make so I didn’t know the escrow system could encrypt files like an obfuscator. i thought it was a simple product delivery system that had some basic security stuff built in.

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