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Bump Our server is no where near dead lol

Chump Bump


no pram bump

hi mate im sorry but ive been permo banned from ur server for an inapropriate name i really enjoy ur server and i dont know why im banned could u take this under your belt and try and unban me

hey chris can you message me please so we can talk for a min i dont understand my bann

Hey, I need help, I was talking to an admin and suddenly I got kicked out of the discord for no reason. I really like playing this server can I please get help in joining back I can not contact anyone and there was a massive misunderstanding

I just joined, I was severely confused as to what I was doing but there was a super nice girl standing there st the starter area who took her time to explain EVERYTHING in extreme detail. I was shocked at how nice she was and can’t believe she took the time to show EVERYONE and walk us all through basically everything.

Didn’t catch her name but pink hair lady you fucking rule

how can i send you a private message

Your admin kicked me saying I’m not of age and I am. So I don’t give this sever no good reviews

waaw ıts amızen