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Oh my…

Gotta love when ppl say everything is trademarked, copyrighted, and then get buthurt when you call them out on they bs

It’s only a joke, calm down.

How does one contact about SAST head position

Message an FTO on the Discord server.

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Guns, guns and guns

We have new guns specially made for departments! You can check the details on our Discord.
San Andreas Department of Traffic is now accepting applications. Apply in :link:faq-and-info channel on Discord.


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I like that bike.

Parade Event Tonight (Ended)

We’re hosting a parade at 16:15 UTC to show off our best vehicles, stunts and stand-up comedy.
Make sure to join the server 15 minutes before the event to make sure you don’t miss a beat!


The event ended and we had a blast!
We had quite a few new faces, synchronised CVPI drifting (lol), up-coming vehicle showcases, jokes from Rainn and a touching announcement from the admin.

Still a wonderful community with a very wonderful owner.

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November Update

Last month’s updates are finally rolling out after QA and stable release.

SAST Opening

The department of San Andreas State Troopers are proud to begin their first recruitment cycle this week.
You’ve probably seen the teaser images - rolling out with a hot new fleet, loadout, uniform and hand-written operating procedures from the SAST Commissioner.


Holster system

Little things make a difference. Holstering and unholstering your handgun will now be accompanied by sound effects and a visible resemblance.

Weapon control

Weapons have safety and firing modes, and recoil has been slightly increased.
You can use K to toggle safety, and L to change firing mode.

Vehicles galore

Over 900 fully optimised Civilian and LEO vehicles, including Gruppe Sechs, Bobcat, Lock & Load, Chuffe and Merryweather security vehicles.

Wildlife & Game officially closed

Due to so many applicant responses, we have decided to close SAGW applications until further notice.

Documentation & SOP rework

All of our documentation, including codes, signals, radio traffic operations, divisions, have been improved and reworked as markdown documents.

Open Department Head positions

We have several HoD positions open for LSPD, BCSO, SAHP, SAST, SAFR, SADOT SAGW, SADC.

Major FPS issue fixed

We’ve fixed an issue causing major FPS drops from vMenu.

Happy holidays

Let’s get festive. Mission Row and Legion Square has been decorated for this year’s festivities.

Error message

Often players will receive an error with the message Not a valid client when connecting.
The error is not to be worried about and you should try again.

Custom radio channels

Rebel Radio is now BBC Radio One
Soulwax FM is now Truckers FM

Partial LSSD fleet

Some vehicles from our new LSSD fleet has been rolled out.
The entire LSSD fleet has been schedule to roll out on the 16th.


  • DPS vehicle spawn codes have been corrected, now DPS instead of PS.
  • Fixed an issue impeding some scripts using our framework.
  • Major sever optimisation, reduction of resources. Now with additional frames.
    • Fixes issue commonly referred as infinite “Connecting to server.” modal.
  • SAHP & SAST vehicles have been fixed. Rambars and lightbars no longer fly off.
  • 64 additional SAFR vehicles.
  • LSPD & BCSO uniform code has changed.
  • Weapon recoil has been fixed.
  • Incorrect holster equip has been fixed.
  • Mission Row PD & Blaine County Sheriff’s Office interiors has been updated.
  • Playboy mansion has been added.
  • 27 more interiors around San Andreas.
  • Sandy Shores gas station has been replaced with a garage and an LTD gas station.
  • Addition LTD gas stations have been added around the city.
  • Christmas decorations can now be seen hanging from traffic lights, buildings and light poles in all of Los Santos.
  • Paleto Bay Police, Fire Station & Medical Center have been revamped.
  • YouTool is now an Ikea.
  • Ice cream vans can now be seen during hot weather around LS.
  • Now at a total of 178 MLOs.
  • Pop’s Diner can be found near East Paleto Bay, at the end of the highway.
  • Sandy Shores Medical Center now has an interior.
  • A Bahamas Mamas can now be located on Del Perro.
  • Products inside stores have been replace with real life products.
  • A Popeyes can now be found on Legion Square.
  • A McDonald’s can now be found on Legion Square.
  • Some billboards have changed to reflect the season.
  • We’ve added new pawsome graffiti around Los Santos.
  • Motels in Vespucci, Blaine County and Paleto Bay now have interiors.
  • New DOT vehicles, dot1, dot2, dot3, dottrailer, civtow.
  • SAFR now have a mobile command vehicle.
  • Christmas decorations have been put up inside the Mission Row police station.
  • A Wingstop is at the corner of Mirror Park.
  • Real life billboards have been added to the game.
  • Local pharmacy has opened up in Paleto Bay.
  • LEO can now breathalyze civilians. You can set your BAC level and open the UI with /bac, or with the M menu.
  • Location blips have been added to new stations, medical centres and some points of interests.
  • Some houses in Mirror Park have been renovated.
  • Some new weapons are here.
  • Our head developer has taken an LOA - expect slower development until 4th of January.
  • Our M Menu now has a new coat of paint.
  • SAFR has been funded a Boeing 747 for forest fighting.
  • SAFR has been funded two bomb squad vehicles.
  • Cargo aircraft have been added, including a few Boeing 737 & 747 planes.
Packages, resources and projects released during this development cycle.

[Release] Modern Seatbelt
[Release] DynamicBlacklist
[Release] Realistic Axon Body 3
[Release] Vehicle Resource Merge Tool
[Release] AlertBox Utility


Updates under QA, scheduled to roll out next month.

MumbleVoIP-inspired radio traffic

A realistic in-game radio system for dispatching, LEO, stringer and civilian, with a unique UI.
No need to set up TeamSpeak or even TS3 plugins for mic-clicks or radio effects.

Los Santos County Sheriff Fleet

LSSD will be getting a new fleet!
We expect this new fleet to roll out early.


  • 20 RC vehicles. Discord for spawn codes.
  • 7 USMC & UN vehicles.
  • 100 additional vehicles!

fivem cfx.re/join/734okr
discord discord.gg/Hfxz3Aj
twitter @PMAFiveM
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December Update

Last month’s updates are finally rolling out after QA and stable release.

Merry Thankmas

Cheers to everyone who appeared at our Thankmas events and have donated!
Donations are still open for Thankmas 2021, you can donate here and find out more about Thankmas 2021.

Delayed updates

Some updates that are scheduled to roll out this month may be delayed due to shorter schedules during December.

LEO breathalyzer

Officers, deputies & EMTs can now use our immersive breathalyzer in the M menu.

Goal complete

We’ve completed our goal of 1,000 optimised in-game vehicles for last month, including

  • 748 Civilian
  • 8 Blaine County Police Department
  • 18 Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  • 2 Department of Homeland Security
  • 4 Department of Transportation
  • 10 Department of Public Safety
  • 18 Los Santos Police Department
  • 7 Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department
  • 22 Military
  • 5 Paleto Bay Police Department
  • 2 Postal Inspection Service
  • 32 Improved Base-Game
  • 67 San Andreas Fire Rescue & Medical Services
  • 18 San Andreas Highway Patrol
  • 5 Special Response Team
  • 5 Secret Service
  • 9 LEO Unmarked
  • 28 Miscellaneous


  • LEO can now go on-duty via the M menu.
  • A few new civilian bail bonds & security vehicles have been introduced.
Packages, resources and projects released during this development cycle.



No major changes are expected to be made whilst the team catches up on late updates.

fivem cfx.re/join/734okr
discord discord.gg/Hfxz3Aj
twitter @PMAFiveM
tiktok @PMAFiveM
charity Donate to Thankmas 2021