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discord name aidan#3613 need to get a ticket opening/

Hello! Discord: Akuseru#6047 (discord ID changed)
I need to get a ticken open because i was banned from the discord from mentioning Nopixel once and was said i was advertising (which just naming something isn’t advertising especially since i was complimenting PMA and being a respectful individual)
Ban details that show up"
Ban Reason: Madison.
Banned by: Bunny.

Upon getting banned from the discord i noticed i was also banned from the FiveM server.
I’d like to get unbanned as I feel it was very unjust as the discord Rules were also very vague.

hello i was permanently banned and i don’t really understand why, it said the reason was nitrp Danny, not sure what that means. I am new to fivem

Hello i need help please contact me thanks the server admins ban for my mic without warning before i could resolve the issue i got banned they do not even give a chance to even fix the issue this is not fair please get back to me acionic is a problem.
Ban ID: B3P7-CQ5N.

hello, I got perm banned on age check? I am over the age of 20. I just loaded in made my character and was trying to talk to the admin my mic was not properly adjusted because it was my first time on. I got banned the second I logged in?

Hello Chrisivet1004,
I was banned from PMA 18+ for useing “transphobic comments/bigotry”. I did not talk to anyone nore did/would i ever make hateful remarks. Could we please talk about this

I spent 30 minutes in queue and when I finally get in, I have trouble with my keyboard not working. Plugged in my controller to play but realized I couldn’t type or use a multitude of features locked to keyboard. Then I got perma banned while sitting in my spawn trying to solve it, ouch. Thanks Cruzziee, sounds like it might’ve been a fun server to try.

Hey Chrisivey1004,
It’s Trent, im with the Mendez and i got perm flighted for a misunderstanding with my paypal and would really like to talk to you if you could take a moment of your time. I have proof of everything. Thanks.
Banned by: Mickey
Discord: Trent#1414


1st time in a world didnt know my apology…

Hi! I’ve just started playing FiveM in general and I found this server. I just started this week and so far everything was fairly hard but throughout my time i’ve met some friendly people that helped me along the way. I was able to makeup 100k alone already. Anyways i’ve just been understanding the jobs, and how they work. I had staff spawn to take away my oil for not using the right truck. After that I went to oil factory to deliver and had no gas. Shot a CPU to take his car after he ran me over. Then got banned for “aim mod” by the worst. pls lmk how I can fix it. I’ll do anything. Ps. I have never used mods and just figured out that’s the reason for my banned.
Ban ID: B6J7-5U2Y
Ban Reason: Modder/Aimbot
Banned by: TheWorst

Hi, I was wondering if i could get an unban. Months ago I got banned for “Being rude” in discord. All i did was voice my frustration after being kicked out of the gta server whilst trying to save my clothes. At the time the message that shows how long ur afk wasnt visible becasuse the clothes menu takes up the whole screen. This caused me to have to wait in a queue for another 1hr+. Im sorry if i came across as rude i was just fustrated i had to wait in queue again while all my friends were trying to join some gang. Please consider unbanning me.

Ban ID: BM74-WD71.

pls ive spent real money and tons of time in the server