Plz help me

Can someone help me?

I downloaded and installed FiveM on my computer, I have already purchased the original GTA V, but when I try to open the FiveM app it just stays on this screen.

Is there any way I can fix this?

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I’ve got the same issue currently, got the latest version of gta and I’ve got the social club version.

Then you should also use the search feature. There are countless topics with countless reasons why this is happening.

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So it wont even let me log into FiveM it keeps saying im not verified or sum

I have the same problem, please write even no one wants to help me massacre

your issue isnt even remotely close to the same one as these ones.

This is typically caused by FiveM not using the correct GPU on laptops.

i’m disabled the GPU onboard intelgraphics and the fiveM opened correctly, but when i tryed to connect the server returns an error " PING TIMEOUT".

thats a separate issue, make sure the connection between you and the server is good.

but, when i’m using the intelgraphics i connected direct with F8 prompt with the IP of the server and work it, but i had some problems like open the cellphone.


I configured my OFF BOARD GPU to run in high performance the FiveMGTAProcess file that is in the folder

Do you have amd?

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