Plymouth RP Server

The city has frequent updates and a very active staff who are always happy to help/listen.

We’re whitelisted as we strive for top rate rp all the time and apps are checked daily. So come and join us today :slight_smile: plenty of opportunities available.

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This is by far the best city/community that I have ever been apart of if you love RP and are looking for a new place to call home come check this city out you will be so amazed you never want to leave.

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We’ve built such an amazing community at Plymouth but we’re always looking to grow. Jobs are always available and plenty of opportunities for serious storylines.

Come join us today!

If you have been looking for an amazing server to start your storyline than look no further this city has everything you could think of and the devs are always working on the server to make sure its running amazing

Great server, many custom things implemented, it is great for all sides whether it be civ, crimm, or PD. There is something for EVERYONE. If you want to RP this is where you need to be!

2.0 has been a great update for Plymouth and has now been around for 1 year! Plymouth 2.0 was released at the beginning of October 2021, so the progression for citizens is appropriate for how long it has been around for. We are actively looking for gang members, civilians, ems & could always use more officers, but we generally average around 10-16 officers in our peak times. We are an allowlisted server (application needed) and can be viewed on our website at plymouth’s website

Hi all!

Plymouth 2.0 is going stronger than ever, hitting into the mid 80s pop for the first time two days ago.

Our strength is our community where all are welcomed, whether you’re an experienced RP’er looking for a new home or someone new. We have regular community meetings, honest and open discussions about roleplay and are constantly looking for ways to improve. We also have WL positions still open, including PD, EMS & Fire and other jobs around the city.

Whether you are a crim, civ or wl position, come and join us today and craft your own story!

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We’ve got countless updates since the first post with an in game voice, local jobs, riddles and steps to the different crimes and a dedicated police force.

We’re public until our 7pm CST restart where we go allowlisted for 6 hours during prime time so come check us out before then!

Can’t wait to see lots of new faces to our always growing community!

Still looking for new members to come and join our constantly growing and welcoming community.

Updates are constant and the community welcomes everybody in, no matter your experience.

Come check us out and make Plymouth your new home.

anyone know where i can buy a phone in the server

have you joined the discord? ask there