Please remove any .Net-BasedPlugins/CitizenFX [ERROR]

crash id :[Window Title]
FiveM Fatal Error

[Main Instruction]
FiveM has encountered an error

ROS_SetupTrapRoutine can not execute while the Common Language Runtime is loaded. Please remove any .NET-based plugins/CitizenFX components from your game installation, and try again.

If you require immediate support, please visit and mention the details in this window.

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Crash ID: e5164009-3b1e-4c38-83a7-aab00db3b650

I have The legit version

probably using mods etc give it time to load when u first launch like 10-15 sec and then it should be good wait for the music to play in the background then choose server

No it does not even loads for 5 sec then crashes

try to disable programs running in the background reborn takes a lot of memory outta your pc that could be why disable all the unnecessary stuff like update programs etc

Its using 10% not much still tried its not working

Never Mind There was a misc File Named Adhesivs.dill and i deleted its working but other times its not working any other time

Its back again have u found anything out

remove the pkugins and i know it willl work youre probably using something thats making u crash or your hardware is poop

i did not working dont know why

anything work right now