Please increase the limit of cars you can add

I own a car server and I have lots of cars , however due to either the ytd limit or some limit in the game config Im not able to add more cars since if i do it crashes the game with some pool error

This one needs to be increased it seems as the crash says something about FragmentStore pool

                            <PoolSize value="58000"/>

Would be really helpful if it gets implemented then i dont have to delete old cars


Yes this would be super cool!

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Yes Please increase the limit. Alot of servers in the community will benefit from this

i personally just started playing it 3 hours straight today and enjoy fivem please add more!

more cars to be added would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

would really like this feature!

Need this feature

A limit increase to the cars would be great for the server

nah it’s fine as it is, who needs more fragments anyways :crazy_face:

Asking people to bump your feature requests isn’t going to get it you faster