Please help me i need help with steamapps

Plis help me i have some problems with the stemapps and i need help from a expert! please add me on skype: Hemart11 nick QuitGaming. PLease help me i buyd gta 5 just for playing roleplay and there is something wrong please help.!!! :frowning:

Topic moved to support.

Please provide more info on what you are having issues with.

If you are able to, please follow the error/bug format.

What? just please help me PLEASE!!!

Did you run GTA in singleplayer mode yet?

Yes i have lunched singelplater in the normal gta? But my gta file wont show up in the steamapps


First, it’s not a run, you can take time to write a real message with informations…
But, you seems to be very very sad so we’re going to help you ma frend.

Did you buy GTA from Steam ?

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Yes i did buy gta and ITS downloaded and i have downloaded the fivereborn But Can u Add me on skype: Hemart11 That will be much easyer

Please right click on GTA on steam > go to settings and find : “open game folder”

Check if the game is correctly installed on the good drive,

If yes then try to check GTA files with steam,

Dude stop freaking out. Type correctly or barely anyone will help you. We can’t help you if you don’t follow the big format and NOBODY is going to add you on Skype.

Sorry but my mom is angry because i buyd gta just for roleplay and i have a problem with the steamapps… :frowning: BTW: im comming from norway… and yes im freaking out, but i don’t now where my gta file is located its not located in the steam apps there is just a GTA V and nothing in there…

well thanks for help now i have wasted 500 norwegian kr thats like i think its like 55$… no 1 is helping me.


I think this is a lost cause lol People have tried to help but you just wont pay attention or listen

Im trying but they don’t help me … they just say that they need more informasjon and what more? i just have problems with steam apps.

Then ask Steam about your problem… You have given no information to lead us to think this would be a FiveM issue… They are asking for you to upload the right info the right way to be able to see what the issue is if it even has to do with FiveM… Its very simple and take 5 mins to gather the information required and post it…

Its saying *The selected path does not contain a GTA5.exe file… im gonna put the fivereborn exe in the gta file and i can’t find the orginal gta file

You need to select where your GTA V is located. It is ussaly in steam, steamapps, command Grand Theft Auto V.

If i type Grant theft auto in steamapps nothing is comming up

First off, your not suppose to be seraching for GTA V in the “Steamapps” folder. If you read and calm down, I said your suppose to open the “common” folder in your “steamapps” folder. ’

I think this is a lost cause lol People have tried to help but you just wont pay attention or listen

What darkwolf said was right, your not listening to what we are saying.

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