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Not sure were I’m supposed to ask this. So if any admins can move to right place that be good.

I’ve got a cali rp server and just introduced a fire department we all use call signs for EMS police ect but not sure what a call sign for a single firefighter would be please help much appreciated

Firefighter = F-XXX
Fire Reserve = XX-XXX | F-XXX

also, could I get an invite or application?

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Sure you looking to join?

Please send a discord link to me too

1 Like here to people wanna be part of my community

Dude quit joining people discords and leaving I will report you. You an oxygen waster

I talk to people about merging if they say yes I stay in the discord If they say no I leave. I dont want beef but theres so many wanting to merge

can u give me a fire callsin