Please can the support help me

Hello/Good evening, I make this request deban because I was stupid … I was really dumb because a person asked me to activate a cheat on five m to come to the server where he was playing and he asked me to type a command line to have the server files so that he can have all the drug points of this server… It assured me that I would never , I know I was naïve but in this period of confinement I can not stay at home without playing GTA RP I have no other game I currently live alone at home and I have nothing to do … Please I ask for your pitier! Please God bless you! I ask you that a little thing, I assure you that I would not do more like it please believe me I was naïve and I admit! I ask you to accept my request for deban please

Firstly you have posted in the RedM section, secondly, This community doesn’t control the server you were banned from most likely so you will be needing to take the complaint to their community boards rather then here.

Top Tip of the century though, is to NOT CHEAT/EXPLOIT intentionally and entering a command to “expose” positions is most certainly intentional (just for your information).

There are plenty of other servers out there to play too…

Better luck next time.