Playing RDO same root with RedM

Hi guys,

I’m new here and so excited to try RedM RP servers. I got the full game of RDR2. But my concern is RedM is updating the game root files I guess? And I’m pretty sure people asked the same questions but couldn’t find the answer here. So here is my question:

  • Can I run the RDO without any problem while RedM installed into my RDR2 root folders? I mean do I have to delete whole RedM content to play regular RDO? Or no problem at all? Thanks.

What? Why would you install RedM in RDR’s root folder? Put RedM.exe in an empty folder (optional, otherwise will be installed in AppData) and launch it, that’s all. No, it’s not updating any game files, just like FiveM. And yes, you will be able to play RedM and RDO without deleting anything.