Players turning invisible inside MLOs

Hello there,

first of all I’m completely new to FiveM, so if I missed the obvious solution I’m sorry.

So, we just finished installing our first server including a lot of scripts & everything works pretty great so far - we haven’t even started our RP & I already love FiveM - but there is one small problem: inside most MLOs players become invisible quite frequently.

I found some posts from 2019, 2020 which said adding a interiorproxies.meta file helped, but then in newer posts it says that’s not needed anymore. So is there anything else to try?

We are running a linux FiveM ESX RP server at Zap Hosting if that helps.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

As far as I know, you’re still better off using a interiorproxies.meta file to be sure - at least try doing that and see if it helps at all. There’s quite an amount of information of this particular file on the forum, so just look it up.

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