Players are floating when they get in a addon vehicle

Hello, there is a very annoying bug in my development server that is causing people to float when they get in a addon vehicle. In there POV they are getting into a nice super car. While for other people they see a man float up down and out of the map. Just like this Screen capture - 578c3b447fdeece8ff44ba26b0ea5e59 - Gyazo

That’s what it looks like when the model of the vehicle fails to either load, or to render on the client; there could be quite a few reasons for that, however if it’s not a single player that has this it’s most likely caused by the model itself. My best advice is to remove it.

but like, its like basically all of the car packs.

That means you have something else going on; out of curiosity, what car packs are those? Link one or two here if you can.

okay give me a moment.

I gotten busy sorry about that, but I will try to remove some car packs and see if it fixes the bug. Its very late I will try it trrm.

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found the bug it was a pack.