Player Owned Chopshops!

Hey guys im currently making a server and i had a guy make me this really cool chopshop script that I’m releasing for free! i asked permission from the author first, check him out ‘Bryanltu’!

Players can own their own chopshops and can receive cash for when other players chop there!
all locations, items and chances for extra items etc can all be easily changed in the config

Preview: Ultimate Chopshop - YouTube
Link: GitHub - Vihtal/ultimate_chopshop

Known Bugs: certain car chop animations dont work correctly on some models, the finishing up load screen doesnt appear but it will chop the car no problem!


I’ve set it to give all parts but it’s only giving battery no matter how many cars you chop. Item’s have been added to the database so not sure why it’s only giving the battery as the only part. Every thing is enabled and set to 100%

awesome good work

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hmm ive never seen that issue, you using esx 1.2?

no using 1.1

true ive never had this tested on 1.1, just make sure all the weights are set to limit instead tho and it should work

okay thank you

nice release

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you know why im here

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@Vihtal the blips appear on map for the chop shops and to sell parts, but theres nothing at the locations

gotta buy the chopshop and be in a vehicle for it to appear

theres no marker to buy it though?

that spot shoulld be near the area in front of building, check coords or move in config

Will do

anyway you can make it give the car back after restart?

like personally owned cars? all should be back after a server restart

ok cool anyway to integrate that the player cant use gks phone valet to get car back until restart or nah? like tp the car under the scrapyard until restart so it will keep saying your vehicle is already out

also any way that you can make it so only personal vehicles work like people cant take ped vehicles there

sorry brother i havent messed with any FiveM scripts for around 8 months now :frowning: might be able to get someone else on here to help you though!