Player Notifications

Can we please have a working notification script such as…

Player name has Joined the Server.
Player name killed by player name
player name has left the server

Can someone share this with us?
This is so important as you do not see people joining the server, one minute you have 3 guys on, next second look at the scoreboard its 22 and not one notification unless they time out, get kicked, or leave.
Or while RPing player complains about another player saying he is spawn killing him and you dont see anything cause no notifications.

Currently and for some reason (baseevents) does not work

Thank you.

All the things you asked are already in the base server?, if you want those text popups you can easily code them yourself, look around on the forum for info

base does nothing for me idk and yes of course if i was capable i would not be here asking.

Moved to development since this is not the job of the devs, I would advise try using a blank server and see if the notifications work there

You can ask me anytime, friend, to not create threads like this!
Add this resource in your autostartresources.



This resource will show notify above radar about joining / leaving (GTA:O styled - like sms / game invite).


can u also update it so it can notify when I kill a person?

Sure. Im working on it

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Did you test this scripr? All ok?

Mark thank you so much I appreciate everything I will try it when I get home currently at work but definitely following this thread as this is needed so badly by everyone that is not capable of making it themselves .

Thank you

Ran home from work to try this… not working for me.
But for some reason I am having an issue with a few resource that show no errors and just dont work after last update.

The Chat roles dont work.
Latest freeroam commands like /help stopped working as well.
This does not work for me either.

Just dont understand what changed with this last update or why its causing these issues, everything was working perfect till that point…

same here doesnt work maybe check the code again?

can someone tell me where i go, so i can move, change settings the pop up notification up?

give a working link please