Pixel Life | EMS Hiring | Staff Hiring | Tons of Custom Scripts and Vehicles | Serious RP |economy based | Multi-Character | Custom cars | and much more |

Pixel Life RP!

Features: 16+, Custom Cars, Police and EMS are White Listed Jobs, Active Garages, Role Play (serious), Active Devs, Active Admin, Drugs, Robberies, Heists

About Pixel Life: Pixel Life is an inclusive server for all levels of role play from casual to serious and for those just starting out in the role play genre up to the professionals.

We have a dedicated staff of talented developers who are always working behind the scenes to make improvements, additions and changes to provide you the best in city experience possible.

Our administration team is very active to ensure that rules are being followed, toxicity and harassment of any kind isn’t taking place and those playing can do so in a safe and fun environment.

The current white listed jobs are Police, EMS, and Mechanics.

We also have opportunities for those who wish to run a gang or motorcycle club.

Pixel Life world offers drug harvesting, production and sales (sell to NPC’s) with a variety of drugs available. We also have custom store robberies, bank heists and house robberies as well.

You prefer to play a civilian? We also have the ability for players to apply to purchase their own business. The standard businesses are able to be owned like Bahama Mama’s, Vanilla Unicorn etc but we believe that If you can dream it we can provide it. (Coffee shops, bakeries,restaurant etc).


I have been on this server for a couple of weeks and have been amazed at its progression. Just in the duration that I have been here, I have witnessed the formation of several major gangs and the progression of these things from small-time things to big jobs. Amazing server performance, no lag, hugely active discord, and moderation team. 10/10 Would recommend to anyone looking for a server for long term play.

Awesome Server would def recommend to anybody out there in the infinite internet 10/10

It’s a great server and I barely have holes in the map with no lag and I have a bad computer

This server is actually really good. it started up rough but the devs have done an amazing job. deffinately stream friendly server.

Awesome new server, Its on the Qbus framework so i can almost run everythign on ultra. BTW, the discord link is actually (https://discord.com/invite/pixellife)