PinnacleRP | NA/US | BETA | 18+ | Need Staff, PD, EMS | Custom Framework | High FPS | Bank Robberies | Gangs | Evidence System | Fires | Evidence | Steal Drivers License | Legal Jobs | Trap Houses | Durability System | BETA PHASE💎

PinnacleRP is a brand new 18+ FiveM roleplay community in BETA PHASE with only 2 staff members! We are seeking mature role-players who want to join a community at it’s earliest phases! With only 32 player slots open currently, we are hoping to build a tight knit community of players. Come join us and help build a city!
What is FiveM?

PinnacleRP Discord:

PinnacleRP FiveM IP: Press F8 and type "connect US-FFKVR-30185.PLAY-FIVEM.LIVE "**

PinnacleRP TS3 IP:

Some examples of what we offer -

Active and dedicated staff

Police, EMS, Caresalesman jobs!
Trap Houses:house_abandoned::pill:
Custom Framework with High FPS!
Realistic Community :moneybag:
No need to disconnect to switch between characters!
Spawn with Apartment of Your Choice:homes:
Custom Hotkeys in Inventory with Custom F2-F9 Hotkey Menu
Hundreds of Emotes to help your RP!:women_with_bunny_ears_partying:
Streamer Friendly, We try to help promote all streamers within our community:movie_camera:
Black Market locations around the city with different drugs and materials:ninja::mushroom:
**Bank/Store/House/Jewelry ​Robberies That Are Interactive :key2::gem::moneybag::money_with_wings::bank: **
Chop Shops:red_car:
Crafting Locations:tools:
Physical ID Cards :credit_card:
Import Cars:race_car::auto_rickshaw::pickup_truck:
Community Events (Races, Fight Night, Scavenger Hunts… etc):tada::piñata:
Radio Channels, Phones, Yellow pages, Twitter :mobile_phone:
Gang Activities with Gang Wars:gun::levitate:
Race Scripts :checkered_flag:
Drug and Alcohol Effects :beer:
Police MDT
Gun Serial Numbers
Evidence System
Save Outfits :dress::necktie:
Fit-Bit to watch your Hunger/Thirst :watch:


Excited to see the city grow!


Bump. STILL HIRING PD & EMS! :heart:


I am looking for a new RP server to start from the ground up with and I saw the post looking for beta testers but the connect failed with a CURL error and the discord invite failed.

Hit me up if your able to accommodate me?