PinnacleRP - Looking for Staff / Members / 18+ / Realistic Economy / Player Owned Businesses!

Pinnacle RP - New community inviting dreamers into a new RP community with a lot of potential to be on top. Looking for STAFF. We are planning to build a dynamic community. Player owned businesses that will be connected between each other for better experience. Aiming to get 18+ community that are serious and responsible for their words so we can build the best RP community ever!

:tools: PINNACLE ROLE PLAY :tools:
What We Offer:

►Whitelisted Jobs :construction_worker:
►Strictly Enforced RP :oncoming_police_car:
►50K Starting Cash :moneybag:
►Realistic Cars :race_car:
►Many Things To Do :truck:
►Shops :shopping_cart:
►Realistic Economy :money_with_wings:
►CAD/MDT :desktop:
Requirements To Play:

►Microphone :microphone2:
►Mature +18 :briefcase:
►GTA V installed on Steam!

Join our discord server now and keep in touch for the announcements!
Thanks for reading this posting and enjoy the rest of your day!

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LETS GOOOO! Get in here people, trying to grow this wonderful server into an awesome and fun environment!!!

Awesome Community!

Lots of fun on this server!
Awesome community!
Come RP with us

Welcome Hursheey!


BUMP once a week because the FIVEM (CFX FORUM) staff doesn’t want me to grow my community even if I pay them 20$ a month!

Can anyone join my city and see how UNIQUE it is ? Don’t listen to support staff!

who cares what everyone is thinking…

who cares what everyone is thinking…