Picking up items

Hello, I am in the search for a script or a tutorial to pick up items with E (or any button) not like it’s as default where you just walk over it and you get it.

I’m unsure what you mean. Is this in reference to weapons to anything, like a custom item - such as a hamburger?

^ If custom, then you would want a custom inventory script which would include such action.

Well the thing i’m looking for is like pretty simple. Where you usually pick up items with just walking over it, but i’m looking for a script or a way to make it so that it doesn’t pickup with just walking over it but you need to press a button to pick up items.(like when a item is dropped you need to press (a button) to pick it up)

Well that depend of core you using, can you tell more about what are your using for know how to solve your issue ?
VRP ? ESX ? other ?

i am using ESX

If i remember good, ESX v1 , have this by default, so update to the last version of the v1?

or you use the ESX v2 ?

Or maybe check if when your press F8 game don’t claim a lua error