Piano Playing

Here is a script that will allow you to play piano at most saloons, such as blackwater, valentine, rhodes, etc. I do not take credit for this script, I compiled various snippets and put it together in an easy to install folder that you throw in your resources, and add ensure piano to your server.cfg, the language was also changed to English. piano.rar (1.0 KB)

To use you will get a prompt near piano to press G, and then W to stop playing, this also works for female ped models. Credits go to Mrbohannon for coding this script.


This sounds cool as hell.

it’s not good for me :frowning:

Any way to put an NPC playing the piano? I’d be glad if anyone can code that

its not working for you?

Yeah that is a good idea

updated code to include the pianos for female, and fixed issue where females could not play, the prompt wont display near piano for the female but it works for female model now, the prompt does show for the male, it just has something to do with the ped models, just tap C to sit seat, and hold W to get off piano. For male ped use G to play and W to get up.

Thanks! Much appreciated this kind of details. Are we able to donwload that version already?

yeah i just re-uploaded the new one and replaced old link on here

is it possible to add one to armadillo and tumbleweed?

yes look in client.lua, there are coords just add the ones you want.