[PIAD] Custom Vehicle Pack 1

Custom Vehicle Pack 1

All included vehicles are edited and optimized and added lots of tunable items.

Generals infos

  • Optimized polygons
  • Optimized textures
  • Full Fivem compatible
  • Extreme Tunable!
  • No LODs

You can get this Custom Pack from Tebex about 63.50 EUR/month

Mitsubishi EVO X

Volvo Polestar 1
model exported from NFS Heat

Audi R8 V10
model exported from NFS Heat

Code accessible No
Subscription based Yes
Lines (approximately) ytd/ytf
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

The cover design is beautiful :joy:

Thank you for idea :joy:
if you want we’re can create another cover photo.

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Nope i love it :fire:

i would love it to see a ford focus rs mk3

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you’re sure? i’m not want any conflict

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Yes bro, don’t worry :fire: also i love this cars nice job

Thank you bro :heart:

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It’s not a bad idea :thinking:

60 per month? sad Black man crying - YouTube

It’s like a price that seems like a large amount but is affordable :joy:

Beautiful cars, I see it says optimized poly/verts.

Would you mind letting me know the poly/vert count?

You can check it on second picture

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My apologies, thanks!

We’re released vehciles as single packages, you can check on Tebex

In 1-2days upgrade pack with Honda S2000