Persistent Vehicles [STANDALONE] [V1.0]

The GG-PersistentVehicles Script revolutionizes the vehicle management experience within the virtual realms of your server. Seamlessly merging functionality and performance, this script introduces an innovative solution to the perennial issue of vehicle persistence and restoration after server restarts.

At its core, GG-PersistentVehicles boasts an automatic saving mechanism that effortlessly preserves the state of vehicles across sessions. Bid farewell to the frustration of losing cherished vehicles due to restarts or unexpected server downtime. With this script in play, each vehicle’s attributes, modifications, and even their spatial positions are meticulously stored, ensuring that every member’s prized possessions remain intact upon rejoining the action-packed world of your FiveM server.

Current features:

Persistent vehicles over server restarts
All types of vehicles including trailers are saved
Option to save only player owned vehicles, or all vehicles a player was in
Performance optimized (max 0.01ms)
Vehicle colors, modifications and  damage is also saved



You can get this script on my tebex for 10 EUR (without taxes)


Config Preview:

Code is accessible No, only Config
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 600 +
Requirements oxmysql
Support Yes



Dear creator,

First and foremost, allow me to extend my heartfelt congratulations for the creation of this remarkable program. Your dedication and hard work are evident, and there’s no denying that your achievement is impressive.

However, upon conducting a thorough analysis, I have identified two errors that might require your attention. I want to highlight these points with the intention of fostering improvement and continuous enhancement.

I am confident that your expertise and commitment will lead to the resolution of these issues, adding even more value to your program. Your ability to embrace constructive feedback is a testament to your determination to deliver an exceptional product.

I urge you to carry on with your excellent work and maintain your dedication to excellence. Your passion for innovation is inspiring, and I am eager to witness how your program will continue to evolve and dazzle.

With my sincerest congratulations,


Thanks for that info, can you describe what you did to bring up that error.

So for exmple if you were in a vehicle, the vehicle type, or if you were not in a vehicle, things like that so i can fix that error as soon as possible .

There are numerous vehicles on the server. Apparently, the issue arises with vehicles that have xenon lights and a problem with the vehicle’s wheel count. The error occurs with certain vehicles that have undergone modifications or improvements.

It also appears that there is an issue when an administrator deletes a vehicle. Therefore, does impounding face the same issue? We’ll see! I will examine the behavior and will inform you accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

Hello i loved the script its just what i needed but i have some comments and a question,
when you are saving the vehicle in the database the plate col is saving the plate with spaces at the start and the end of the string, that might cause some problems when you try to do some querys
here are some pics:
With Spaces:

With no spaces:

and , a question, are you going to make an update to share some exports ? like to delete a vehicle if is no needed as persistent anymore o something like that ?

this script is awesome thank you for making it!! do you know how i can make it work along side the qb-vehiclekeys?

yes the next update will include some exports, and i will fix that problem with the database namespace

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the script is completly standalone, so it does not conflict with any other scripts. For example, i have tested the script with another vehicle saving script (Alf-Carkeys) which saves the Vehicle key owner in database, and this works. For qb-vehiclekeys this isnt the case, as of my knowlege about qb vehiclekeys it does not save the vehicle owner info in DB, i think it saves it in the qb-core main itself / reads it from it. It should work.

Either way i will add a lock / unlock export so the vehicle lock status can be changed from other resources aswell.

Thank you for the reply and no problem I love this script way more than qb-vehicle keys!

Hello, I might know why every time I join your discord for support I get kicked after several hours? I joined it 3 times and I got kicked 3 times, I even reported it to you in DM

Hey i fucked up a setting with channel members, where newly joined members, that didnt had a role added were kicked after some time. Its fixed and you can join the dc. Sorry for that

Hi i am currently getting this error when trying to use the script with qb-vehiclekeys
SCRIPT ERROR: @qb-multicharacter/server/main.lua:104: attempt to index a nil value
SCRIPT ERROR: @qb-vehiclekeys/server/main.lua:83: attempt to index a nil value