Permanent ID FiveM

Does anyone know how to get a Permanent ID FiveM? For example, they keep the same ID every time they rejoin the server.

Is it possible anyone can make me a script for it?

Not possible and not needed.

What do you mean not possible and not needed? I need a permanent ID for store so I can set up my online store and I need somthing so when somone applys for a job they can put there perm ID. I seen a lot of servers have it

I mean, A perm ID overhead and to keep track of members like everytime you rejoin it changes the ID, I was wondering if there is a script to keep the same ID everytime you play on my server?

perhaps they are using steam id’s not the ingame id’s?

Do you by change know how to change it?

Here is a example of what im talking about

Is there a way this number can stay the same after a rejoin?

Again the server ID cannot be static and will increase every time someone joins and will reset back to 1 on server restart.

Then how do other servers have it setup to where it stays the same? Also somone told me before it was the Steam Hex that they used but they will not tell me how to do it. Is it possible to get a Steam Hex overhead?

Here is another example


Then they created their own system for a static ID which isn’t related to their actual server ID which will still change. If you want the Steam hex above their name then that’s up to you to change within whatever script you are using.

Do you by chance know how to add the Steam Hex above their name? Im using Basic ESX no extra mods at the moment.

Do you maybe have a Script to have Steam Hex or Steam ID above your name?


I already have the ID’s setup but its only set to when somone joins its go to 1 then 2 then 3 and so on. I want it to stay like 1 number and never change for example 65 player id.

So you want the row id corresponding to their data in what ever database you use.
There are many problems with this.

Pro tip, tebex uses identifiers, not a static id.

Is there a plugin that uses identifiers for players ingame?

Frankie you are trying to achieve something in a subject you don’t really understand. Identifiers are part of FiveM and can be called in scripts using natives. Tebex already uses these natives to allow you to get these identifiers from your server.

Owning a server isn’t just drag and drop. I would recommend starting with the basics and starting learn new skills whilst running your server and enjoying it. Don’t think about commerce yet. You’re not ready!

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I have been hosting since march 2019. I know a lot of about it. I just do now know where to start to create a script for it. I know about the identifiers. In my SQL it stores all identifiers I was looking for a script for showing that one identifier on the scoreboard or on top of a players head or in chat.

Shows you don’t know what you are doing. I havent used tebex but i imagine it just grabs a steam id. For steam ids over head you would wanna get those on the server with GetPlayerIdentifiers()[1] i think thats right. Then pass it to the client for each person.

This response just screams lack of knowledge. As I said tebex already gets player identifiers. Unfortunately you will need to code your own scripts to work with it.

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