Perimeter Gaming - Now Recruiting! Experience the Freedom of Roleplay with Perimeter RP

Experience the freedom of roleplay with Perimeter Gaming!

Originally founded as the brainchild of six GTA V content creators, Perimeter Gaming started out as a Discord community for those interested in sharing screenshots and discussing GTA V, LSPDFR, and other emergency service games. Following the repeated unhappiness with other roleplay communities, the decision to form our own FiveM server was made with the goal of filling in what others had left out. Today, our community is focused around our FiveM server, and many other games the community enjoys.

ï¹¥Multiple LEO Agencies & Sub-Divisions to choose from
ï¹¥Statewide Fire & Rescue
ï¹¥San Andreas Dispatch
ï¹¥Immersive Civilian experience
ï¹¥Modern, cutting edge vehicles
ï¹¥High end custom buildings and interiors.
ï¹¥Interactive scripts and in game experience.
ï¹¥Top of the line CAD/MDT
ï¹¥State of the art Communication, Radio & Phone system

We have always been community first, and will always put the player experience above anything else. With Perimeter, we understand how important freedom is to game play, and don’t believe in excessive restrictions or limitations. Our structure allows members to play what they want to play, when they want to play.

At Perimeter, you have full movement between civilian, law enforcement, fire department, and dispatch. No limits, ever. We provide high quality training and certifications to get players up to speed and ready to go. Our approach to roleplay brings a professionally structured yet friendly environment to the game which allows you to choose your own path in roleplay.

We pride ourselves on our expansive in game experience, and welcome anyone to see what we have to offer.

Come join us at our Discord, follow our socials or check out our website for more info, and see for yourself what it’s like to experience the freedom of roleplay!


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Interested in some of our fleet? Check out this showcase of our State Trooper fleet!

San Andreas State Trooper Fleet

Best server on fivem

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We’re glad you think so!