Ped density, no reticle ect

I’m wanting to build a script with multiple very useful things within it, for example there would be a ped/vehicle density, no reticle, ect. But those are the only things I can think of at the moment I know there is a whole lot more stuff that can be used within in this script I want to attempt to make it a standalone script but if needed can work with VRP/ESX ect. I want to make it a very simple plug and play script by using a confit.lua for the new devs that don’t know how to do anything. Shoot me some ideas if you do find something to contribute, your name will be put in as an author/creator for the script.

There is a resource out there that does something very similar already, see here:

If you can come up with something else that what I linked doesn’t do, it’s worth working on. Otherwise, you’d be better off PR’ing to the resource above - no need to reinvent the bicycle y’know :laughing:

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Huh I’ve never seen that script but I guess it is pretty much what I was thinking about making lol I guess I really have to think about what I would put in mine I guess his seems like it has a lot to do with peds for example they put disabling police, disables gangs from attacking you, I don’t have anything against it but why didn’t he just put disables peds

Is there any scripts that change the amnount of ped density depending on the amount of players on the server? If not could This be used to do so “GetActivePlayers“

I haven’t seen any released publicly but it seems too simple of an idea to release on its own. Still, you do you

i actually built a density script and no reticle its more simple then you think :slight_smile:

Oh no I wouldn’t just release just that I would add more stuff to release along with it but just finding out what else is my issue lol