Patreon Access

Hey guys, I noticed there have been errors within FiveM or Zap Hosting (which seems to be normal) but I have had my Patreon come out of my paypal. But seems I am not getting the service anymore.

Does not say anything about my extra powers or whatever the message was.

You don’t have the forum group either, this could be two things.
a) FiveM service issue
b) An issue with your PayPal and Patreon.

Not sure, First it was 1 of my servers I noticed it went out, then both. Then had issues with connections. And the money did come out

Your Patreon groups are now there.

Thank you, works great.

Hi, I signed patreon today how should I proceed now? and how long do I have to wait !? having different emails now I’ve changed, I hope it’s not a problem.


Up to 6 hours

i change now my email… is not a problems sure??

@d0p3t UP

@d0p3t done, but now i can put 64slot in me server?

Hi I made the subscription of the Patreon of 15 $ hora I have two problems, the colors of the server title I see them only in direct connect while in the server list I always see the white colors, second problem if I do / eup always shows me the uniforms bagged and no those snippets how should I do?

Same here,
Only colors is direct connect and problems with uniforms

Hello, We have such a problem suddenly disappeared OneSync as if it was not paid but yet it should be paid by the end of the month, do you know what to do? Thank you for your help