Pastebin Clone

Hi, i created a pastebin clone and have been working on it quite a bit. I would like to hear your opinion. You can access it from my main website( or the direct option:


  • Groups, you can add pastes to a group.
  • Better mobile support.
  • Higher paste limit. 500KB now.
  • See amount of times a paste has been viewed.
  • Public paste page, here you can choose what you want to see. You can see all the pastes or the most recent ones(Only the ones specified to be public).

Could you please also add a button to the main Page of fivereborn? :slight_smile:

@Blacky25 Its not FiveReborn related. Sorry

Quite nice, one suggestion though.
The raw page should have a content-type of text/plain. Preserves tabs/spaces etc.

@Eraknelo Fixed, had todo with some weird html tags