Particle Name Question

are u using qbcore???

no its ESX. but u should be able to convert it

check the github above

Can u convert to QBCore and implement into qb-hud

nah. i have never used QBCore b4. But i’ve heard its pretty simple to convert

Is it possible to make it just standlone? no item, no sql stuff? basically just replace the nitro particles from sw-nitro to urs?

what do you mean exactly? The SQL (and therefore the item) is for the boost + particles to take place. Without an item how are you gonna use nitro? i am having a hard time understanding if you could explain urself

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i am talking about the yellow flames, not the purple ones. i need those yellow flames…

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I assume by yellow ones you mean the ones shown in the video in the original thread. Then just remove the stream folder from the script. The purple flames are a overwrite of the original “yellow” ones. So if you remove the stream folder you should get them

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yea, but i want to use that particle for 2step & als script not for this nitro system… that’s why i was asking

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Check the marked as “solution” comment my dude. I thought it was a particle as well. It’s a function. in general check the whole thread to see my research progress

with standalone i mean the advanced nitro script but with those purple particles as u can use with the qb-core nitro lol but they wont work on this advanced nitro script for some reason

how can I use this on vanilla cars?

nosfire.rar (13.2 MB)
download this stream file to your server and if you do nitro particle like this:

you will get the purple flame, good forum :slight_smile:

Hello, I tried that, but with no result, it just doesn’t show any flame.

did you follow the instructions on GitHub?

you need to set ptfx asset to every car

What meta file?

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