Particle Name Question

I am messing around with this nitro script: Advanced Nitro System

And i am trying to change the particle effects when using nitro to something like the picture below:

I believe this is the nitro flame particle (not color) that is being used on Koil’s NoPixel Server

Any help will be much appreciated :grin:


I have tried to use the Particles Tester By DashMauzi

to find it one by one but i couldn’t get it to work since it has been developed for Linux Based Systems.

So update to my own thread in case somebody needs it in the future and maybe can hop in and help!

I found the specific nitro particle.
It is located in

Particle Directory: veh_xs_vehicle_mods

and the particle name is: veh_nitrous

i can’t seem to make it show tho.

I tried using the:



functions but it didn’t work

I also read somewhere that you need to flag the vehicle as

and tried it and it didn’t work

Any help is really appreciated

I do it with these three natives:

  1. SetVehicleBoostActive(myVehicle, true)
  2. SetVehicleRocketBoostActive(myVehicle, true)
  3. SetVehicleNitroEnabled(myVehicle, true)

also your vehicle.meta needs to match some settings, I haven’t figured out which exactly so I just copy the ones from a normal vehicle in GTA

edit: where did you get that screenshot from? yt video? if so, which? i want to see how they look :slight_smile:

The problem is, i believe Advanced Nitro System by Deltanic

already has these natives cause it uses veh_backfire as the default nitro particle and it works perfectly.

The video is this:

Discord link and tag put on the title don’t work so i couldn’t contact the creator in any way to get help.

That’s why i am asking here

Yes but the natives I sent you use the original nitro from GTA:O

have you managed to get the particle to work for yourself?

Yes, using the natives from my first post :slight_smile:

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alright i will try it and let you know


I had some syncing issues but i managed to fix them!

Great, I’ve never looked too much into it since I stopped, but how did you fix the syncing issues? Force it on every client for that vehicle?

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Advanced Nitro System Already has a sync function, i just placed the natives you gave me on the wrong file and it wasn’t syncing.

So i just placed them on the ptfx client script which led to it syncing with every client.

Deltanic’s code is pretty easy to understand if you are interested

Yes I know it is easy to understand, I’ve used it, I just stopped because it spams events and overall performance isn’t great.

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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BTW for it to work it needs
ptfxasset name to be set to the particle directory!

Like This:


Oh that’s lovely to know, any way you can tell me how to change the nitro’s color to match yours?