partially experienced dev starting a server; looking for other devs with experience

Looking for experienced devs to create a server with. I have some developing knowledge and skills but I am looking for more experienced people to team up with. The goal is to make the best redM server possible and publicly launch whenever we feel the server is in a good and stable state/
Dev tag comes with:
Admin role in discord (noone else besides ownership will have this)
full box and database access 24/7
Free tier 1 Prio when server launches
A major say in how the development of the server goes

Right now the server is being developed around our community being in the Valentine, Strawberry, and Blackwater areas of the map. Using VORP framework currently (but can changed if need be.) Dm me on discord: shmaang#1761 if interested. If you are interested I look forward to working with you :slight_smile: