Parking System

New ESX Parking System [Discontinued]


Nice release, do tuned cars save and spawn correctly too? And are there any known dupe glitches yet? ^^

Yes, everything will be saved.
Its depending on which garage system and impound system you have, if you have the esx_garage or esx_drp_garage everything work properly.

Great, thanks for share!

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thanks for the script, I just bought a car, it has closed the doors and now it won’t let me open it. and i have these errors.
SCRIPT ERROR: @parking/server.lua:22: attempt to index a nil value

TriggerServerCallback (@es_extended/server/functions.lua:160)
handler (@es_extended/server/common.lua:71)

Hey dude first of all, thanks for releasing this for free. Script works great till the parking state, once the car is parked pressing the key2 does nothing and stays locked. I did not get any error but also seems changing the key buttons to different ones breaks the script it doesn’t read them. I am not sure for the lockpicking part seems it was not working well but I think it has to do with the vehicle not opening back on key2 press.

compatibility whit onesync infinity?

I think it is more about permits, because with the police rank I have no problem opening it, starting it, parking it.

Here is the link of esx-carlock, I can open and close the vehicle with the key U of esx-carlock, and when I leave the vehicle it closes automatically without pressing anything, but what is the car saving system when disconnecting the server and reconnecting works perfectly, it’s great. I’m still looking for the way when the vehicle is Impound, because it reappears on the site
[Release][ESX] carlock - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Community

Yeah of course

what happens if i impound the car with esx_simplegarages? the car then will spawn after server restart still on the position where it was before right?

Well, how to fix it though?

The script only works if I restart it. (vehicles do not appear) No type of error of any kind appears

I do not have any solution at the moment, simply if you are a police officer, everything works

if i park i cant get back in?\

“U” and esx_carlock do nothing for me… car respawned after server reboot fine, doors relocked themselves when i exit vehicle… i think it was worst with bike… can’t do nothing with it… at this point its not working either if i disable hotwire and lockpick and just want the car respawn. also, the scripting in ToggleEngine makes me puke… thank you for sharing it for free

So basically script is broken. :confused: Also tested with police, does not work either. I will be waiting for an update. :smiley:

If you have esx_garage or esx_drp_garage and esx_carlock it works. Tho the keybinds in parking config was wrong so I put the trigger to delete database parking when I unlock the vehicle with U in esx_carlock.
Felt like that was the best way.
If you use other garage scripts you’ll need to edit some communications serverside to database i think.

Thanks for the information, bob, he told me that he uses esx_carlock, but I don’t understand why two systems to open doors, if there is the EngineToggle system, as well as the esx_garage or esx_drp_garage system, if this script makes you save the car wherever you want why use the garage script, is what I don’t understand