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Post Updated: 7/22/2021

Disclaimer: Server is pre-launch to process whitelist applications. Server is set to launch in roughly 2 weeks.

Here at ParaverseRP, we strive to give everyone a fair and equal roleplay experience. We have a very nice and friendly Admin/Development team who loves feedback from the community so that we can improve the server more and more every day.

We also love helping improve roleplay stories as much as possible. If you have any ideas that you feel can make an impact we would love to hear them and will attempt to implement those ideas as best as possible.

Our Emergency Services Departments consist of the San Andreas Highway Patrol, San Andreas EMS, and San Andreas Fire & Rescue. All departments are looking to fill high command positions as well as command positions. However, If you feel a command position is not meant for you, we would still love to have you as a member of the department. Each department’s unique feature can be found below:


  • Medical Records Terminal
  • Unique Stretcher System
  • Custom Vehicle Liveries/Vehicles
  • Many more unique Features

San Andreas Highway Patrol

  • Custom Mobile Data Terminal
  • Personally Owned Cruisers
  • Custom Shared Garage System
  • Custom Impound System Connected With Tow
  • Fully Custom Evidence System
  • Taskforce Division(SRU, Canine, GIU)
  • Canine Vehicles, Pursuit Vehicles, Taskforce Vehicles
  • Unique Dispatch Alerts

San Andreas Fire & Rescue

  • Hoses compatible with trucks
  • Ladder System
  • Much More

We have a ton of unique features whether that is our mechanic system which allows engine swaps and part swaps or our fully custom garage system. You are now able to own convenience stores, gas stations, or even a personal trucking company where you are in control and can hire others to drive the truck for you. While this is not all, here is a list of more unique features:

  • Custom impound system with retention
  • Different drug types that have different worths
  • Diving for Coral
  • Custom Cars
  • GoPro system
  • Custom Apartment System
  • Hunting
  • Street Racing
  • Unique Weapon Serials
  • Custom Banking(Debit Cards, Savings Account)

While those are just a few features to point out there is so much more to discover throughout the city. So what you waiting for go ahead and head over to the website and put in an application I promise you won’t regret it.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to join the Discord. We will be more than happy to assist you as best we can.

I told you I had a v8

A Canine nose is better than mine

Do you like The Purge? No, I love to purge

Pillbox is the place to get treated


Wait… You are telling me when an ambulance picks me up I get put on a stretcher! POGGERS!!!

Date: 07/22/2021

  • Added Dumpster Searching
  • New Unique Car Control Menu
  • Rental Car System in Legion Square

This is just a friendly reminder we are always looking for new faces to fill up our departments. We have high command and command spots open be sure to apply at