Paradise British Roleplay | 300+ Custom Cars | Active Staff | Serious RP | Custom Scripts | Easy Applications

Thank you all so much means a lot to hear the amazing words :slight_smile:

The best server that I have played and I have played many everyone knows each other it’s a big community lovely people proper down to earth people the staff team is amazing always trying to help out
All different whitelisted jobs are %100 rp

                             PBRP ON FUCKING TOP !
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been in so many citys before i came to paradise and i can offfically say i have found my home within this city, never felt so welcomed into a city like paradise, all the staff are amazing and i take my hat off to each and everyone of you for working so hard to make this city the best it can be!! i have been having the best time in this city!! The serious RP in PBRP is so freaking good and amazing!!!

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thanks for the comments guys welcome in :slight_smile: