Parachute freezing players

I currently have a Battle Royale server in Brazil that accommodates more than 1000 players, and since its opening, it has been impossible to play smoothly due to crashes caused by the parachute.

This problem was reported here in the forum three years ago, and I noticed that it has not been fixed to this day.

We made a code based on the last suggestion that was partially effective; it reduced the issue a bit, but it still happens.

 if IsPedFalling(ped) and not (IsPedInParachuteFreeFall(ped) or HasPedGotWeapon(ped,'GADGET_PARACHUTE')) then
            local coords = GetEntityCoords(ped)

            RequestCollisionAtCoord(coords.x, coords.y, coords.z)
            while not HasCollisionLoadedAroundEntity(ped) do
                RequestCollisionAtCoord(coords.x, coords.y, coords.z)

            local _, groundZ = GetGroundZFor_3dCoord(coords.x, coords.y, coords.z)
            SetEntityCoordsNoOffset(ped,coords.x, coords.y, groundZ + 0.3)

            TriggerEvent('game:notify','important','Você foi colocado no chão, pois o seu paraquedas não foi detectado.',10000)

Not sure what could be causing the crash for players, but what I do know is that using break to exit a loop that doesn’t even exist.

would just change that to a return and see what happens?

I provided a snippet of the modified code that I adapted to my current one, but the original is this one here:

    while true do
        local ped = PlayerPedId()

        if(HasPedGotWeapon(ped, `gadget_parachute`) and GetPedParachuteState(ped) ~= -1) then
            local coords = GetEntityCoords(ped)
            local retval, groundZ = GetGroundZFor_3dCoord(coords.x, coords.y, coords.z, 0)
            SetEntityCoords(ped, coords.x, coords.y, groundZ)

            -- might want to put something here instead of a print, like a proper notification for example
            print("[FreezeTempFix] Teleporting to ground in order to prevent a freeze (this is temporary until a proper fix is made to the FiveM client)")


A user crashes with error 0x19 and takes other users with them, causing the error: 0x14. All nearby users are crashed together, all sharing the commonality of being with a parachute and others already reaching the ground. Sometimes the 0x19 is not printed in the console, only all users with the 0x14.

Here is the link to the full dump: 5cf068cc-f88f-45a8-beef-c1307ec445f3-full.dmp - Google Drive

Can you send a mini dump and all related log files (i.e. “Save information”). Also don’t forget to use 7zip/WinRAR/etc to compress your full dumps before uploading. (14.0 MB)

Here are some files that happened on the date of yesterday, I also have some full-dmp files in case you need them…

Another important piece of information is that we are using the sv_enforceGameBuild 2372 version.