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About Pandemic-

Pandemic Gaming RP is a quality roleplay server based in Los Angeles, California. We are ESX, 64 slot with a Realistic Economy and Serious RP. Highest powered VPS, Over 300 optimized scripts, Active dev, Staff you can trust and over 1 year running! We have everything you need to live your dream life, either as a notorious Gang Leader or a Law abiding Civilian. Players run business’s in our City. We are player built and listen to our Community for a better RP experience. This is the beginning of a never ending story! We have selected the highest rated host there is with the most powerful output in a VPS. Pandemic Rewind is fitted with max Memory, backed up every Monday and Thursday, Over 300 fully Optimized Scripts Owned and Operated by nobody but Pandemic. We promise to you that you will never lose what you worked hard for! A community is only as good as its members and all of our members are the absolute best. We make it our goal to try and surpass your every expectation. We are eager to serve you in our Community!

Pandemic was founded in March 2020 and has quickly evolved into a large and growing community with core values of Respect, Integrity, Consistency and Creativity. We have an amazing Active Staff Team ready to assist you whether your new to FiveM or a seasonal player.

-What does Pandemic offer?

1. Non ELS Custom Redneck Police\EMS\Fire Vehicles
2. 300+ Custom Vehicles
3.Custom Y-Maps
4.Gang Territories
5.Whitelisted Jobs
8.Trap Houses
9.Chop Shop
10. Illegal Jobs
11. Robberies
12. Drugs
13. Live Anywhere
14. Hunting
15. Fishing
16. Police Evidence
17. Casino
18. Surfing
19. More than one Dealership
20. DOJ System
21. Anti Cheat
22. Long Term Community
23. Giveaways & Weekly Fun Events!

We have 2 LEO Departments currently but still have more Growing to do. Both Departments have their own Headquarters, Society, and Jurisdiction. Our LEOs have a beautiful Redneck Fleet with over 15 Customizable Cruisers for all terrains. EUP, Community Service, Jail, Trial and CSI!
>>>>>>>> :rotating_light:HIRING LEO :rotating_light:<<<<<<<<<<<
LACS (los angeles county sheriff)

Weazel News
Car Dealer
Business Owner

-Job Center
Mail Delivery
Go Postal
Pizza Delivery
Park Ranger
Burger Shot
Garbage Collector
Truck Driver
Bank Security

Pandemic is all about quality RP and Gameplay, we standby to assist in all your RP needs. Join us today for an experience you will never forget. We are a 16+ City with Adult Staff and a maturity level most RP City’s dream of. If you are interested come hang out with us!

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Thank You To All Our Supporters!

Great city

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Pandemic has immediate openings in both LEO depts and EMS.

Apply here and become a LEO or EMS for Pandemic!

Check us out on the web @

Immediate Hiring for LEO/EMS! Sign on Bonuses! CSI Training and more!
Join Today for your next chapter in quality RP! New comers Welcome! Streamer Friendly!

Join us for monthly giveaways!
Pandemic where it all happens! :star_struck:

Join the Pandemic! :smiley:
Long term community, Highest powered VPS, Over 300 optimized scripts, Active dev, Serious RP, Staff you can trust, Over 1 year running, Community built, Monthly giveaways, Events, Community meetings and Quality RP. :heart:

Flight school
Join us May 10th @ 7pm PST for Flight School!

  • Must have a Drivers License

  • Weapon free zone

  • No drugs or alcohol

  • Aircraft provided

  • 50K Licensing fee

Training will take place at Los Santos International Airport. Please meet at the Aircraft Dealer hangar. Pilot licenses will be issued upon completion of the course.