PalmCoast Roleplay (BETA) // Serious Roleplay // Mechanics // EMS // Police // Streamer Friendly // Nice Community // Good Friendly Staff // Gangs // Mafia // Custom Interiors // 400+ Custom Cars// USA Server //

PalmCoast Roleplay is a newly formed serious roleplay server. PalmCoast Roleplay was completely developed by richie (gama) within the spam on 6 months with an idea to put out a server like nobody has ever seen before.

Our Directors/Managers wanna give people who try out our server a warm welcome, and a spot in the city to call home with a well balanced economy.

We have built the server from scratch, and everything is custom from the ground up. Custom Scripts, Custom Interiors, Custom Cars, ELS, Race System, ESX, EUP, Gangs, Rebels, Cartel, Whitelisted LSPD, EMS and Mechanic, and much more!

We want there to be active 24/7 RP all over the map (Sandy Shores, Grove Street, Legion Square, Beverly hills, Hollywood etc.) so we will try to add as many things around the map as possible!

What We Offer

Friendly Welcome to Community
Dedicated Community + Very Friendly Admin/Mods
Whitelisted LSPD, Mechanic and EMS.
Serious Roleplay Experience
Active Gangs in Server
Gangs, Rebels, Cartel, Drugs, Motorcycle Clubs, Gun Dealers
Built From the Ground (Custom Scripts, Custom Interiors, ESX, EUP, Custom Cars, Race System, Clean UI, and much more.

So tell your friends, family and everyone you know about PalmCoastRP, because things are gonna get good soon!

Join this community, if you wanna join something with potential, and also a bunch of friendly people!