Palm City RP | !Hiring All Departments! | 100+ Custom Cars & Racing App 🚗| Own Houses and Businesses🏢| Streamer Friendly | 20+ Jobs | Active LSPD / EMS /Mechanics | Serious RP

Palm City is an experienced and mature roleplaying community with active staff and developers.

We are looking to grow our community by filling out specific roles in various job fields; this includes the LSPD, EMS, and other departments. On top of this, we have tons of roleplay opportunities for various other civilian and criminal careers!

Serious roleplay is important to our community, as the interaction between players is what makes our server great. But to keep the RP going, we need interested individuals like you that are reading this to join. Yes, you! Come hop in and hang out with the community at the discord below. If you’re still not convinced, we’ll leave a list of some of our best features that keep the city fresh and fun.

DISCORD: Palm City RolePlay

Server IP: In Discord (MUST be in discord to join server.)


Police, EMS, Mechanic, Taxi, Trucking, Security, Electrician, Garbage, Recycling, Tow, Bus Driver, Vineyard, Tailor, Fruit Picker, News, Car Dealer, Burger Shot, and more.

Businesses that players can own include:

Cyber Bar, Strip Club, Burger Shot,

14+ gas stations (own a gas station, upgrade it, and run and collect gas)

18+ Convenient Stores (soon! Players can buy stocks and refill shelves to sell items.)

4+ gun stores

Car dealers

Key Features:

Player housing with furniture & different sizes of homes.

Grow pot in your own home or buy a warehouse to do so.

Craft other drugs in spots around the map (will soon be done in your home.)

Cyber bar with working arcade machines and online mini-games to play with friends.

Racing app for Fast & Furious roleplay!

Phone gallery to save all your memories.

300+ custom clothing pieces for civilians.

10+ custom female hairstyles and faces.

Maze bank arena race track.

Demolition Derby game.


Gem crafting and selling.

Crafting System.

Tuner chip system.

Store / Bank / Jewelry / House / Truck Robberies.

Prospecting for items.

Pawn Shop.

Black Market.

Diving Dumpster (homeless roleplay!)

Prison Break.

Hunting and Cooking.


Casino Wheel.


Come hang out we are live and hitting 20 players a night!