Paleto Car dealer ymap


cardealer_custom.ymap (10.8 KB)

i create this ymap because i didn’t find car dealer ymaps? / MLO some of it are paid so im just releasing this ymap because i know some of you are starting a storyline in paleto bay first . we create this for our rp server and we think we can share it so can other can benifits

credits to jensen castro and jRenZ


this is poorly made :confused: most of the props not even lined up

for example

my question is why have you credited others … i take it this isnt your work … if so i kinda see the reason why they didnt post it lol


well this is our first try … :slight_smile: will make it better :sweat_smile:

Not bad for a first attempt, however if I were you I’d not release your first attempts, maybe practice and refine your work a little more.

Nice ymap !

hey bro i dont mean to knock your efforts but as @NyxPlayz said practice first wait till you get comfy and have every prop lined up then release :wink:

Bucko, why are you always bashing people and being rude to people bro, like… Are you seriously that miserable that you have to be rude to people in order to be happy? Let the dude have his moment, you could have messaged him privately but posting that on his post pointing out the flaws is messed up dude


He wasn’t being harsh, he was simply giving the person some critisism.


Constructive Criticism is always better then nothing



The inside is very beautiful but the outside is not very attractive :wink:
Maybe try to modify a little the outside to make it more attractive ?

Bye bye !

The point is that unfinished releases are flooding this forum, it is not much use people.


Bucko are known to be bashing on people. He have been around for a while and done that, don’t sweat it.